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STEM Tutors Australia Pty Ltd trading as “Tutor Perth” delivers excellent educational outcomes and offers a great experience to all our students. As such you can be assured that our staff and those delegated to provide tuition on behalf of Tutor Perth are expected to act in a professional and timely manner during all dealings with you.

Tutor Perth delegates its tuition services to individual tutors who undergo appropriate screening and are required to hold all relevant State and Commonwealth licenses and documentation. In the unlikely event that a dispute should arise during a tuition session Tutor Perth does not accept legal responsibility for any and all actions that occur between the tutor and the client. Tutor Perth will not accept responsibility for any claim made in relation to injury or damage to person or property of clients during tuition sessions.

Tutors of Tutor Perth are provided with a timesheet that is required to be completed and signed by you at the end of every tuition session. Tutors are financially renumerated for tuition delivered based on submission of a completed timesheet. Invoices for tuition are not issued based on the information on a tutor’s timesheet.

Cancellation or alterations to any tuition session with less than 24 hours notice provided will incur the full tuition session fee. This fee may be waived in extenuating or unforseen circumstances at the discretion of Tutor Perth. Cancellation or alterations of any individual tuition session with more than 24 hours notice provided will not incur a fee.

Tutor Perth expects that all relevant information pertaining to the scheduled tuition session will be relayed back to Tutor Perth by you in a timely manner via phone, email or SMS. Failure to notify Tutor Perth of changes to scheduled tuition delivery may result in fees being applied to cover costs associated with rectifying the situation.

Direct Debit payments and invoices are coordinated by the Director, Tristan Geiles. Invoices will be issued on the original scheduled day of tuition. If you elect to pay by Direct Debit, payments will take place on the Monday evening following the date of the scheduled tuition unless otherwise stated. In an attempt to avoid any payment related issues you agree to notify Tutor Perth as soon as you become aware of a change to scheduled tuition.

Should debits occur without the corresponding scheduled tuition being delivered, Tutor Perth reserves the right to retain up to 2 (two) payments and deliver two sessions of tuition without additional debits to your nominated account occurring. In the event that more than 2 (two) tuition fees have been deducted without tuition being delivered the full amount will be returned to you. However, if Tutor Perth was not notified of the tuition change by you, a 10% recovery fee will be applied to the full amount prior to returning the funds to your nominated account.

There are no charges for the cessation of tuition except in cases where you are found to contract the tutor provided by Tutor Perth privately. By scheduling tuition the client agrees to the above Terms and Conditions which are subject to change without notification.

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